The banks, for which we are an official agent or representative, offer a full range of offshore online banking services, all of them with secure internet banking and debit or credit cards which will allow you to have quick and easy access to your funds from almost anywhere in the world.

We regularly review the best offshore banking opportunities for business or investment purposes in the market place and recommend those which we believe to be best suited to meet your identified needs. At present, we offer offshore bank accounts from Belize, Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent (highly recommended), Antigua and British Virgin Islands (Caribbean) and Tanzania (Africa).

We also represent a well established Cyprus bank (highly recommended), a major UK bank in Isle of Man (temporarily unavailable) and banks in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria and Latvia. For those involved in financial markets trading securities or other commodities, you can set up an offshore brokerage account at a recommended Panama bank.

All of these banks compliment the offshore jurisdictions which we recommend for your offshore company incorporation, offshore foundation formation. These banks offer the best banking services for company trading account, business account or investment account. They all meet the very high standards of confidentiality and security, which are fundamental elements in choosing your offshore location.

All of the above mentioned banks offer offshore debit or credit cards. All offshore accounts can be opened by courier post and it is not necessary to pay a personal visit to the location. Where a meeting is recommended, the bank representatives can visit you or you can visit the nearest branch of the bank (Luxembourg only).

List of documents required to open a bank account for an offshore company:

  • Verification of your permanent residential address (a recent electricity bill or other utility bill) for each signatory, director, shareholder;
  • The bank application form completed and signed;
  • A certified copy of the Certificate of Incorporation (we will provide this);
  • A certified copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association (we will provide this);
  • Identification; a certified copy of passport for each signatory, director, shareholder. Some banks may accept certified copy of the national Photo ID (ex. driver license or National Identity Card);
    • A bank reference for all signatories, directors and shareholders*;
  • A board resolution which appoints the authorized signatories (we prepare it).

Note: Some banks may request additional documentation.

Banks for which we are an agent or represent will not open accounts for offshore companies involved in the following types of business:

  1. Businesses that offer alternative payment systems, e.g. E-Gold, e-cash etc.
  2. Businesses which should be licensed according to international standards, but are not, such as:
    • Broker Dealers
    • Mutual and Hedge Funds
    • Trusts
    • Security Exchanges
    • Insurance companies and brokers
    • Banks
    • Online casinos
  3. Businesses which intend to raise funds or capital from the public, sell unregistered securities or MLM Programs.
  4. Companies whose business is:
    • Adult content Websites
    • Selling fake diplomas
    • Churches and charities.

Please familiarize yourself with European banks and Other banks which we are offering.

Please check our prices and the Best Tax Havens to setup a company or form an offshore foundation.

* – Not required by Latvian bank