This bank is not available anymore. Please choose one of the available banking options above

We can introduce you to a UK bank in Isle of Man (temporarily unavailable) which is one of the world’s major banks which offers multi-currency accounts with full operation via the internet, fax or telephone. This Isle of Man bank also offers debit cards with US, Euro or GBP A/C’s and cheque books (for sterling a/c's only) which provide further access to your IOM bank account. The account is intended as a business and investment account and you will be expected to use some of the company funds for investment purposes. Usually, there should not be in excess of 250 transactions per year.

Our introduction can only be made if you incorporate your company in any one of the jurisdictions which we offer using our services.
To apply for IOM offshore banking we will send to you the application form and signature cards. We will also send to you an unsigned Board Resolution appointing the authorized signatories.

You are to send directly to the Bank the following documents:

  • Verification of a permanent address (example an electricity bill or other utility bill) for all principals, ultimate Beneficial Owners, directors and signatories;
  • The bank account opening forms duly filled and signed (we provide them);
  • A certified copy of the Certificate of Incorporation (we provide them);
  • A certified copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association (we provide them);
  • Identification; a picture ID such as a certified copy of the passport or other confirmation of identity on all principals, ultimate Beneficial Owners, directors and signatories;
  • A bank reference (a letter confirming that you hold a personal account in any bank) for all signatories, directors, principals, ultimate Beneficial Owners;
  • A board resolution which appoints the authorized signatories (we prepare it).

All photocopies of documents must be certified by one of the following:

  • an embassy;
  • consulate or high commission of the country of issue of documentary evidence of identity;
  • a member of the judiciary;
  • a senior civil servant or a police or customs officer;
  • a lawyer or notary public;
  • an actuary;
  • an accountant holding a recognized professional qualification;
  • a director, officer, or manager of a regulated financial services business operating in an equivalent jurisdiction.

The certifier must certify that he or she has seen original documentation, and that the copy document provided is a complete and accurate copy of that original. The certifier will also sign and date the copy document, writing his or her position or capacity, and contact address.

The identification document of preference by the bank is the passport. This copy must be certified. We will send to you your incorporation document, i.e. Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association and a Board Resolution appointing the authorized signatories (this you must sign). We will also include all the bank application forms. When these have been filled, you will send the package to the bank. Your Isle of Man bank account will be opened when you make a deposit but your initial deposit should be not less than - 250 USD or - 250 Euro or - 250 GBP. You pay the deposit directly to your bank account, NOT to us.

Our service fee is US $490 or GBP 300 or Euro 350.

We do not offer personal accounts, we only offer offshore company accounts. We offer company accounts only for companies which were incorporated through our service.

We offer a big variety of offshore jurisdictions in which to incorporate.

Please check our prices and the Offshore Tax Havens to setup a company.