If you are looking for a European Bank which Does Not require bank references and provides confidential banking with multi-currency accounts, offshore internet banking service and the major credit and debit cards with account access 365 days per year, then you should consider offshore banking in Latvia. We are an agent of one of the largest banks and in this capacity can assist you in the application and approval process for your Latvia bank account.

When you have chosen to incorporate your offshore company with us and decided on Latvia as the location for your banking needs, we will provide you with the necessary documents and application forms and instructions. You'll also have to certify the "Signature and Seal Sample Card" with the Notary and Apostille, provide a copy of the passport certified by a Notary public and with Apostille, verification of address and a brief covering letter to the bank explaining the nature of business.

After approval of your application, your company should be assigned a bank account number in 10 working days after the bank has received your bank application forms and your incorporation documents.

There is NO minimum initial deposit required for this bank. You only have to keep some funds in your account to keep it open.

Our service fee is USD 750 or GBP 590 or EUR 685.

We do not offer personal accounts, we only offer offshore company accounts. We offer company accounts only for companies which were incorporated through our service.

We offer a big variety of offshore jurisdictions in which to incorporate.

Please check our prices and the Offshore Tax Havens to setup a company.