This bank is not available anymore. Please choose one of the available banking options above

We are grateful for a long and successful relationship with Bank Snoras and wish Bank Snoras and our clients who are existing customers of this bank, a continuous and successful mutually beneficial business relationship. We recommend to all our prospective clients to consider other banks which we offer. We highly recommend our Cyprus bank offer which can suit most of your business and investment needs.

We can introduce you to offshore internet banking in Lithuania with a large and well established bank which offers multi-currency trading and investment accounts with full operation via the internet, fax or telephone. This Lithuania bank also offers debit cards which provide further access to your Lithuania bank account. Our introduction can only be made if you incorporate your company in any one of the jurisdictions which we offer using our services.

A bank account number in Lithuania reserved for your company (which you can place in contracts or give to your partners), your account will be opened before your initial deposit. Your initial deposit should be sent directly to your bank account which usually will be fully activated in 2-3 days after the bank has received your bank application forms and your incorporation documents. You will be required to submit to the bank, along with your company incorporation/formation documents, which we will provide to you, apostilled copies of the relevant pages in the passport of each of the signatories (page with the photograph) to the account, a bank reference for each signatory, a description of the intended activities of the company, its business associates or customers and the countries of intended business. These must accompany the duly signed application forms. There is NO minimum initial deposit required for this bank.

Our service fee is US $490 or GBP 300 or Euro 350.

We do not offer personal accounts, we only offer offshore company accounts. We offer company accounts only for companies which were incorporated through our service.

We offer a big variety of offshore jurisdictions in which to incorporate.

Please check our prices and the Offshore Tax Havens to setup a company.