We are pleased to offer you Bank Introduction Services to an offshore bank in Belize (Central America), which offers multi-currency trading and investment business accounts with view-online banking capabilities. Our Belize banking partner also provides prepaid debit cards which can be loaded worth USD 10,000 at any given time, and up to USD 50,000 monthly. The application process is very simple, and efficient. We provide our full support and assistance, before, during and after the application process. The documents required for opening the account are:

  • Application Forms (we provide partially filled out, you must do the rest)
  • Notarized Colour Copy of ID Page of Passport
  • 1 Bank Reference
  • 1 Copy of Utility Bill Illustrating Residential Address Outside of Belize – No Older than 3
  • Notarized Copy of the Registered Corporate Documents
  • Proof of Good Standing if Over 12 Months Old

Documents that are copies must be certified, and those that are not in English must be translated by a certified translator. We will prepare, according to the specific requirements of the bank, the corporate documents set of your company, i.e. Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association and a Board Resolution appointing the authorized signatories. Also as part of our introduction, we will also include all the bank application forms, partially filled, requiring you only to complete them with your signature and balance information on your needs. When these have been filled, you must first send these documents to us, who, working with the bank agents will review the documents to ensure that all is in good order, before advising you to ship these originals directly to the bank. send the package to the Belize bank. Once they are received, and approved, the account will be opened within 48 hours. An initial deposit of USD 1,000 will be required to activate the account.

Our service fee is USD 500 or GBP 395 or EUR 455.

Please check our prices and the Tax Haven Countries to setup a company.

Kindly note that we do not offer personal accounts; we only offer offshore company accounts to companies which were registered by us and are under our management.