By making it possible for you to own an offshore bank account in a stable Nevis bank is just another way we make offshore incorporation more complete. This international bank has been operating for over 12 years and provides all-inclusive banking services. Company bank accounts can be denominated in the world’s major currencies. Accounts are accessed through online internet banking facilities using personal and individual PIN. Use ATM services worldwide to access fund using US$ MasterCard credit cards.

To apply for a Nevis offshore bank account, we will send to you, the complete file for application including the bank forms and the corporate documents. In addition to this you must complete the application with the following due diligence documents:

  • Verification of a permanent address (example an electricity bill or other utility bill) for all signatories, directors, shareholders.
  • Identification; a certified passport copy for all signatories to the account, directors and shareholders.
  • A bank reference (a letter confirming that you hold a personal account in any bank) for all signatories, directors, shareholders.
  • A reference from accountant or lawyer.

We will provide you with:

  • The bank account opening forms.
  • Certified copies of the incorporation documents
  • A board resolution which appoints the authorized signatories (we prepare it).

When the forms have been filled, you will send the package to the bank. The Nevis bank account will be opened within 2 days provided that all relevant documents are submitted. The required initial deposit should be not less than 1,000 USD. You pay the deposit directly to your bank account, not to us.

Our service fee is USD 750 or GBP 590 or EUR 685.

We do not provide bank introduction services for personal accounts, we only offer offshore company accounts. We offer company accounts only for companies which were incorporated through our service.

Please check our prices and the Tax Haven Countries to setup a company.