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If you have interest in buying and selling of financial securities on the major financial markets, we can provide you with a brokerage account at a prestigious firm chartered in Panama. As a perquisite, you must have a bank account established in the same name as the proposed brokerage account as third party deposits into a brokerage account are not accepted.

The brokerage firm offers online trading of stocks, Forex, options, futures, options on futures, and CFDs options on sophisticated trading platforms. The account will be activated after the initial deposit of no less than 10,000 USD or the equivalent in Euro is deposited. There is no minimum balance required after the initial deposit. Trading can be denominated in any currency.

We will send to you, the application form and the incorporation papers. You must send directly to the bank the following documents:

  • The filled in application form;
  • A notarized copy of the passports of all the signatory(s);
  • A notarized copy of a second form of identification;
  • Verification of a residential address (example, recent utility bill, credit card statement etc.);
  • A bank reference on each signatory;
  • A professional reference (from an attorney, accountant, banker);
  • A short CV;
  • Full set of corporate documents.

When the firm receives these documents, they will contact you directly with account information. A brokerage account can be opened for companies and foundations.

Our service fee is US $390 or GBP 250 or Euro 300.

Please check our prices and the Tax Haven Countries to setup a company.